What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a productive way of achieving knowledge and studying a field in a certain trade while working. It provides training to a new generation of workers in a specific trade.

Training happens while carrying out the essential tasks of the job. The apprenticeships usually incorporate classroom work and reading with tests.

Practitioners in apprenticeships can also gain licenses to practice in a regulated occupation which is not easy to get involved in when the student cannot afford to study the trade. It’s usually done while working for an employer who helps you to learn the trade in exchange for the labour.

Some companies may require long duration apprenticeships where the employee might also need to accept an employment contract after the apprenticeship period. The duration of the apprenticeship relies heavily on the specific trade or role involved.

The two most widely recognised types of apprenticeships are discussed below.

Independent apprenticeship

Independent apprenticeship - What is an Apprenticeship?

Independent apprenticeships are usually organised by employers without any assistance from educational organisations. There are no educational curriculums or formal certificates involved and only provides the knowledge and skills.

This type of apprenticeship is usually the best option when an employment contract will be gained by the employer for a higher position in the company. This provides a great way to go further into a specific trade without it taking too much time. An employer will usually only offer this apprenticeship to the best candidates they believe in after working for the company for a long period.

Cooperative Apprenticeships

Cooperative Apprenticeships - What is an Apprenticeship?

Cooperative apprenticeships are organised by employers with educational institutions. These apprenticeships provide formal training and certificates. These apprenticeships are always associated with certain curriculums and courses. This is the best way to gain professional knowledge through theory and practice.

Taking up any of these apprenticeships can provide prospects with new careers in a field somebody is already experienced with and can provide many lucrative growths in higher positions.