Most Lucrative Apprenticeships in the UK

Apprenticeships provide a great way for jobseekers to build lucrative careers and prosperous lives without any formal training or specific knowledge in a field or industry.

By taking up an apprenticeship, you can gain a new skill set as well as further education depending on the type of apprenticeship offered to you.

These are some of the most popular and lucrative apprenticeships in the UK.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems stands as the most highly ranked engineering and manufacturing apprenticeship in the UK. They have three different apprenticeships which include an intermediate level, higher level, and advanced degree apprenticeship.

What makes their apprenticeship stand out is the variety of subjects included in the apprenticeships. These subjects include finance, aircraft maintenance, business, software engineering, and mechanical engineering.


BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest worldwide broadcaster. Their workforce numbers are significantly high and provide a large amount of employment to the UK.

The two main apprenticeships they provide include a Degree Apprenticeship and a College Leaver Programme which specialises in business, engineering, media, telecommunication, and IT.

BAM Nuttall

Bam Nuttall offers a variety of apprenticeships in construction, business administration, IT, engineering, and facilities management. The programmes are dedicated to levels 2-5. They offer jobseekers the opportunity to gain practical experience in construction and its various fields. Candidates can choose between graduate programmes or sponsorship placements.

When looking for an apprenticeship for the construction industry, BAM Nuttall is one of the best options to consider taking part in.


By taking part in the Santander apprenticeship programme, you can get an industry-recognised and respected qualification and a great salary to start with. The participants of this apprenticeship receive training in different business areas that are active in the organisation. Their programmes include Digital Engineering, Data Science, and Corporate Commercial Banking.

One of the major benefits of this apprenticeship is that it provides dedicated training providers, online courses, and classroom learning.