Employment Agencies in the UK

Recruitment agencies are vital in any country for jobseekers to find the right job for them. Especially for employers, these agencies provide them with the best candidates for any position.

Some of the recruitment agencies in the UK specialise in certain trades and fields.

This article provides a detailed overview of the top-rated recruitment agencies in the UK for use by companies or employment seekers.


Propel is a recruitment firm with a focus on digital businesses and the tech sector. They specifically cater to London based companies. They provide many recruitment services such as salary benchmarking and reporting, organisation design, consultancy, and executive reporting.

Rethink Recruitment

Rethink Recruitment strives for recruitment success and use their professional knowledge of several major sectors together with their passion and commitment to recruit the best options for any position needed by a company. They are dedicated to fields such as energy, healthcare, technology, and business.


Satigo assists mainly start-up technology companies by helping them to source the best candidates for open positions. They even provide salary advice as well as training and skills advice. They specialise in infrastructure, digital change transformation, and enterprise sales and retail.

Nolan Recruitment

Nolan Recruitment has become one of the top UK Engineering and Technical recruitment agencies. They focus on fields such as Automotive, Aviation, Civil Engineering, and more. With over 20 years of experience, they easily recognise what their clients need, and which candidates would be the best options for their companies.


Opilio has a wide focus on recruitment services to start-ups operating mostly in mobile technology and digital media sectors. Although they are a relatively new recruitment agency, they aim to provide the best possible recruitment services with energy and dedication.

These companies can provide the best results for finding a job.