By visiting any of these blogs you can learn more about job-seeking in the UK and how to take part in apprenticeships. Some of these blogs are also working as recruitment agencies and provide advice on how to find jobs easily.

CV-Library / Recruitment Insights –

The CV-Library Blog is a recruitment blog dedicated to providing information to jobseekers about the latest candidate insights, job market reports, and important recruitment news to help anybody looking for work. The blog posts around 1 article per week.

HireVue / Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Blog –

HireVue provides help to global enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in modern talent searching for their companies. They provide video interviewing software, conversational AI, and pre-hire assessments. Their blog strives to keep jobseekers up to date on industry trends and tech which can help them identify the best talent faster.

Undercover Recruiter –

Undercover Recruiter covers articles on career recruitment, talent acquisition, employer branding, and workplace ethics. Their main aim is to inform and inspire recruiters and jobseekers to become more active and provide knowledge on how to find jobs.

Onrec –

Onrec is the accompanying website to Onrec Magazine. They take in-depth looks into internet recruitment and the industry’s suppliers. The magazine is mainly focused on HR Directors, Personnel Managers, Job Boards, and Recruiters. They provide information on the internet recruitment industry and advice.

By visiting any of these blogs regularly, one can stay up to date on all the latest news and insights into job-seeking, careers, apprenticeships, and advice on how to read job descriptions.