Due to the worldwide pandemic brought by Covid-19, many lucrative careers are now seen as dead careers with uncertain prospects for coming years with no sight of becoming lucrative soon.

Due to the changes, other career options are now more in-demand and are easily found all over the UK.

Here we look at some of the most in-demand jobs in the UK for 2021.


The importance of having enough nurses in hospitals have become clearer throughout the past year and a half and has become one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide. Healthcare workers, in general, find jobs easily. Having previous nursing experience or another job in the field of healthwork can be a great option as a career while helping others.

Software Development

As with apps, software and websites have become extremely important for businesses going online. Nowadays, you can find software to do almost anything and is an extremely competitive market. Many companies are looking for more software developers.

Technical Support

Technical Support is vital in the world of today where everything is going online and becoming more technological. Just by knowing how to assist in common technical issues, one can easily find a job in Tech Support.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is probably the most in-demand job and has been for a few years. Digital marketing can be studied either with short courses or as a full major. Online presence has become extremely relevant in business as all companies are seeking ways to become more active online.

Project Manager

Project Management is an important job where the person needs to simplify tasks in a company and find ways to make it more productive and fluent in success. As many companies in digital marketing and software development are looking for project managers, it’s extremely popular and in-demand.